Ryan Gad has been a member of the team at Heritage West Development since 2007.  Prior to joining Heritage West, Ryan studied economics at UCLA and honed his skills in marketing and investor relations while working in the Special Projects Division of Dreamwork’s SKG.  Shortly after leaving Dreamwork’s in 2006, Ryan decided to make a life transition and move back to his home town of San Diego to enroll in graduate school.  During his 3 years of graduate studies at USD Ryan obtained two masters degrees, a Masters in Real Estate Development (MSRE) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), all while working part time for Heritage West Development.  With an extensive educational background, as well as many years of experience working in the field, Ryan has gained an intimate knowledge of all facets of real estate development (property selection, design, construction, marketing, etc.).  Ryan now manages, and directs, many of the day-to-day operations of Heritage West Development.  


  • Graduated with a BS in Economics from UCLA in 2005
  • Graduated with a Masters in Real Estate Development (MSRE) from USD in 2007 
  • Graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from USD in 2009 
  • California Real Estate Brokers License (Lic#01879378)


  • Urban Land Institute Member (ID#596213)